Addictive TV performance
Last weekend, I was invited by Addictive TV for their performance in Watermans Theatre. I and Nahomi arrived at the venu at 8:30pm, it was 45minites late... Because, this place was soooooo far! There was zone3 of west side of London.


The first half of the event, it showed many video works that collected many countries including Japan. It looks like 'One dot Zero'. Though we watched few works, it was big shame that we couldn't watch all of them...

イベントの前半は世界中の国々から集められた映像作品の上映。でも僕らが見れたのは最後の4,5点でした。。。それでも凄く内容がよかった、ので、余計に残念。。。かなりOne dot Zeroに近い企画ですね。

It's a break time of the event.

Second half was Addictive TV's audio visual performance. They are one of the best audio visual artist. This performance was based on very old 8mm films they were recorded by Francoise's father who was a pilot in around 1950. Francoise is a member of the Addictive TV. And she is also nice!
The performance was very good! Their video and style was very simple but it had very strong images. Sometimes they showed pilot's interview between music, and pilot's journey were continued. Live members were three guys, one person controled the video, one played the music, and last guy played a guitar. I'm really interested in their performance.

後半はいよいよAddctive TVのライブパフォーマンス。勿論オーディオヴィジュアルで両方コントロールします。このライブはメンバーの1人フランソアのお父さんが昔飛行機のパイロットで、世界を飛びながら8mmフィルムの映像を撮り溜めていていたので、それをベースに構成されています。映像自体も凄く貴重なモノなのですが、それをAddicteve TVの解釈で再構築され、とても面白く出来ている。曲と曲の間にパイロットのインタビューが流れ度の様子が描かれていき、ストーリーが進行します。

After the performance, I met Addictive TV members. They were very frank and friendly. Especially, Graham and Francoise. They made a paper fiddle with Nahomi. And Francoise is very kind, actually she introduced me for Le CUBE that is a Media art museum near Paris, and I was offered Le Cube on this June for my presentation with a performance. More ever, she introduced Noe who is living in Nice, and I'll perform in a event in Nice with Noe. I'm very happy to meet them!

公演後、彼らに会って色々と話したり、折り紙をしたりしました。本当に彼らは気さくで親切です。特に映像のグラハムやフランソア。実は6月のLe CUBE(パリ近郊)で僕が出演する話しも元はフランソアが紹介してくれ、ニースであったノエもフランソアが彼を紹介してくれ、仲良くなり来月一緒にイベントに出ることに。本当に彼らに会えて良かったと思う。後はアーティストとして良い仕事をして返していかないとね。ちなみに彼らは今年か来年日本での公演を考えていて、協力してくれる人や場所を探しています。興味有れば連絡下さい。
by michiyuki917 | 2006-03-14 02:08 | Event / Live
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