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Nice4 / Great installation 'Ondulation' in Accropolis
Nice4 / Great installation \'Ondulation\' in Accropolis_b0046388_20303020.jpgNext day of a event, we waked up around 3pm...
We got a information that Addictive TV perform in Nice this day. We visited 'Accropolis de Nice' that have many movie theatres, event spaces, halls, multipurpose rooms, theatre and etc. This day was some big festival, it showed many installations, workshops, dance, music and other many interesting.

Nice4 / Great installation \'Ondulation\' in Accropolis_b0046388_20355336.jpgイベントの翌日は当然のことながら昼をとっくに回った15時頃に起床。^^;
実は僕と同じタイミングでイギリスでお世話になっている、Addictive TVがニースでパフォーマンスするという情報をもらっていました。彼らに会いにアクロポリスという多目的エンターテイメントビルへ。映画館やホール、シアターなどがたくさんあり、この日も何かのイベントでインスタレーションや、ライブイベント、ワークショップなどが行われていました。

Nice4 / Great installation \'Ondulation\' in Accropolis_b0046388_20351639.jpgWhen enter the Accropolis, we found a funny robot that was an interactive installation. And DJ playing with big sound, actually I felt the sound was too much volume to watch other exhibitions...


Nice4 / Great installation \'Ondulation\' in Accropolis_b0046388_2035396.jpgThis is one of the famous sculptures, I guess you can find it in many countries in the world include Japan.


Nice4 / Great installation \'Ondulation\' in Accropolis_b0046388_20513773.jpgThis is an interactive installation that installed here two of them, people enter inside of this hemispherical screen from an under hall. It was seems like a enter visual world, and people can control the visual scenes around them with controller that looks like an Airplane. It was good and interesting, people able to change several scenes and a view point. I and Noé checked it how to projection on the screen. It used some special fisheye lens. More ever, this installation has a web-camera, and it can capture another installation's inside and make it some conversations. You able to find a monitor in this each video world.

Nice4 / Great installation \'Ondulation\' in Accropolis_b0046388_20515410.jpgこちらのインスタレーションは中々面白かったのですが、半ドーム状になった空間に入り、そこでコントローラーを操作することで、色んなシーンとその視点を動かせるというモノ。中々に良い動きをしていて、浮遊感があり面白い。僕とNoéはどうやって投影しているかの方に興味があり、2人で天井に有る特殊なフィッシュアイレンズを覗き込んでいました。^^; またWebカメラが搭載されていて、横にあるもう一つの同じ作品の中の様子を見ることができ、上手くするともう一方とコミュニケートできます。映像空間の中にモニターを発見することができ、そこから他方の映像を見ることが出来るのです。

Nice4 / Great installation \'Ondulation\' in Accropolis_b0046388_214942.jpg
Nice4 / Great installation \'Ondulation\' in Accropolis_b0046388_2142556.jpg
Nice4 / Great installation \'Ondulation\' in Accropolis_b0046388_2144012.jpg
This is another installation of interact. Few sensor set up on ceiling, it was scanned in program of PC and project some objection movie image on a screen. If people moved in front of the screen, the visual changed interactive. The program was not MAX but another program on PC.


Nice4 / Great installation \'Ondulation\' in Accropolis_b0046388_21331518.jpgThere were long line of people waiting to watch a film named 'LAST DAYS'. It was seems interesting and Noé recommend to me. Have you watched it?
Nice4 / Great installation \'Ondulation\' in Accropolis_b0046388_21333921.jpgこちらはLAST DAYSという映画を待つ人の列。かなり人気があるようですね。Noéも薦めてくれたのですが、面白そうです。見ました?

Nice4 / Great installation \'Ondulation\' in Accropolis_b0046388_21445089.jpgNoé and Christian who is Noé's Father in another installation that hedged 4 screens with pictures slid show.


Nice4 / Great installation \'Ondulation\' in Accropolis_b0046388_21514345.jpgWell, I really want to introduce this amazing installation! This works was one of the best installations I've ever seen before.


Nice4 / Great installation \'Ondulation\' in Accropolis_b0046388_21555430.jpg
Nice4 / Great installation \'Ondulation\' in Accropolis_b0046388_21561490.jpg
Nice4 / Great installation \'Ondulation\' in Accropolis_b0046388_21565591.jpg
Nice4 / Great installation \'Ondulation\' in Accropolis_b0046388_21571122.jpg
This installation used 2t water, lighting, and sounds, works name is Ondulation''. The water was waved by various sounds, and lighting made many visuals on a wall, and water with reflection and shadows. Each essence were controlled by some program, and it made a kind of audio visual performance. The reflection was really beautiful and it makes me exited.


↓I guess it's difficult to understand, I show you a video.
Click me!

↓And this installation has a web site.
Check it out!

Nice4 / Great installation \'Ondulation\' in Accropolis_b0046388_2227509.jpgOh, I came here to meet Addictive TV's member, but they were not here at that time... This picture is another rock band's live. This late evening Addictive TV performed here, but we couldn't stay, because we have a special dinner after that...


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