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On 16th February, I performed in a event 'IMPLUSE' at Club CARGO.
Please watch the event photos. There ware two lives in this event, one is KOLLERBAND (CZ) and the other band is BUSHCRAFT (UK)

遅くなりましたが、先日のCARGOでのイベントです。ライブはKOLLERBAND (CZ)とBUSHCRAFT (UK)の2バンドでした。

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by michiyuki917 | 2006-02-27 20:18 | LONDON
Changing_b0046388_20515021.gifYesterday, I moved to a new flat, from Limehouse to BethhnalGreen. This room is on the forth floor of a high building that is located in front of a huge garden, and I can enjoy a nice view.

These days,I'm changing my website and this blog, yet I have changed just top page. I'm designing other pages now.


by michiyuki917 | 2006-02-24 20:55 | Happening
今度はBethnal Greenというところで、
by michiyuki917 | 2006-02-22 19:23 | Happening
UK clubs
This January and February, I visited few clubs in London. I introduce interesting places.


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by michiyuki917 | 2006-02-20 20:52 | Event / Live
COLDCUT LIVE TICKET_b0046388_111569.jpg
I got a live ticket of COLDCUT on 25th February in London. COLDCUT released a new CD named 'Sound Mirrors' last January, and they will perform in many countries include UK cities.
I'm really looking forward to going this special live! It makes me exiting already!
by michiyuki917 | 2006-02-20 11:15 | LONDON
Cotswolds and Oxford [part2/Oxford]
Cotswolds and Oxford [part2/Oxford]_b0046388_22324184.jpg
Well, Oxford is a famous scientific city, and this city has 45 collages(=universities).


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by michiyuki917 | 2006-02-18 23:05 | Scene / Photo
Cotswolds and Oxford [part1/Cotswolds]
Cotswolds and Oxford  [part1/Cotswolds]_b0046388_19554034.jpg

Last January, we visited country side of London. One is Cotswolds and one is Oxford. We visited two villages of Cotswolds, there are many beautiful and traditional view of England. All houses are made with yellow stone blocks called 'Lime stone', we can get these stones around Cotswolds. These villages are very very little and simple composition.


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by michiyuki917 | 2006-02-18 21:10 | Scene / Photo
万波麻希=Maki Mannami in iTunes Music Store
万波麻希=Maki Mannami in iTunes Music Store_b0046388_19353453.jpg

Maki Mannami is my friend artist who is Singer, Composer, Arranger and Keyboard player. She released her original song named 'Power and Force' in Japanese iTunes Music Store, and this song is download
free only one week! Let's check it out and get it!

自分で片っ端からこなす女性シンガーソングライターの万波麻希ちゃんが、i-Tune Music Storeで今週のフリーダウンロードになっています。是非チェックして曲を落としてみてください。 頑張ってるな〜。
by michiyuki917 | 2006-02-18 19:35 | Recommend

I will perform tonight at club Cargo near old street station.
If you have a time, please come to enjoy event there with my VJ.
It's my third VJ performance in this club. And I made new video souses for tonight, because I lost many video data, you know?

Let's enjoy!

今夜Club CargoというところでVJやってます。このイベントでは一応レギュラーの映像担当になっていて、ここでやるのも3度目ですね。ロンドンでお時間のある方は是非いらしてください。先日大量の映像データを失ったので、新しくかなり作っています。その辺もお楽しみに。
by michiyuki917 | 2006-02-16 20:50 | Information
Tate Modern Museum
I and Nahomi went to Tate Modern Museum with Noé's parents last week. Father's name is 'Christian' and mother's is 'Dana'. They came to London to announce about Christian's new DVD that subject is cell.
It was the last day their staying in London, and we visited one of the best contemporary art spaces in UK. However, most rooms were closed for renovation when I visited last time, this time the renovation was finished and we enjoyed a lot of wonderful arts.


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by michiyuki917 | 2006-02-15 01:00 | Review