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Nice4 / Great installation 'Ondulation' in Accropolis
Nice4 / Great installation \'Ondulation\' in Accropolis_b0046388_20303020.jpgNext day of a event, we waked up around 3pm...
We got a information that Addictive TV perform in Nice this day. We visited 'Accropolis de Nice' that have many movie theatres, event spaces, halls, multipurpose rooms, theatre and etc. This day was some big festival, it showed many installations, workshops, dance, music and other many interesting.

Nice4 / Great installation \'Ondulation\' in Accropolis_b0046388_20355336.jpgイベントの翌日は当然のことながら昼をとっくに回った15時頃に起床。^^;
実は僕と同じタイミングでイギリスでお世話になっている、Addictive TVがニースでパフォーマンスするという情報をもらっていました。彼らに会いにアクロポリスという多目的エンターテイメントビルへ。映画館やホール、シアターなどがたくさんあり、この日も何かのイベントでインスタレーションや、ライブイベント、ワークショップなどが行われていました。

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by michiyuki917 | 2006-04-28 20:47 | Review
First performance in France
First performance in France_b0046388_1095562.jpg

I performed in event 'Oddyseus' at south France. It was my first performance in France and it was really nice opportunity for me. This event was organized by event organization named 'Association Phosphene', and they usually organizing huge capacity event (more than 5000 people). But, this time event capacity was 1000 people. Main artist was German female DJ 'Ellen Alien' and UK baced unit 'The MFA'.

ついにフランスで初パフォーマンスをしてきました。南フランスを中心に大きなイベントをオーガナイズしている'Association Phosphene'という組織がオーガナイズする「Oddyseus」というイベントでした。メインアーティストはドイツの女性テクノDJ、Ellen Alienと、UK発のいかにもUKなナイステクノサウンドのThe MFA

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by michiyuki917 | 2006-04-27 10:36 | Event / Live
Nice3 / Rehearsal and dinner!
Nice3 / Rehearsal and dinner!_b0046388_1738567.jpg

This day was also wonderful weather! I and Noé went to 'Le Sub' to prepare and rehearsal for a event 'Odysseus'.


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by michiyuki917 | 2006-04-24 18:58 | Scene / Photo
Nice2 / Arrive at Nice
Nice2 / Arrive at Nice_b0046388_20163322.jpg

Nice2 / Arrive at Nice_b0046388_20172197.jpg

I arrived at Nice. Here is almost paradise with delicious foods, great weather, really shining sun and nice people!


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by michiyuki917 | 2006-04-23 20:52 | Scene / Photo
Nice1 / Sky to Nice
Nice1 / Sky to Nice_b0046388_912129.jpg
Nice1 / Sky to Nice_b0046388_91437.jpg
It was second time fright to Nice. Enjoy the sky photos!

ニースへ二度目の空!とりあえず、写真をお楽しみ下さい。今回も格安航空会社のEasy jetで。

by michiyuki917 | 2006-04-23 09:30 | Scene / Photo
Spring_b0046388_4155749.jpgThese days, it's getting warmer, I really feel spring coming.
Sky is getting bright, tree shows new leaves, ground is covered with many flowers.


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by michiyuki917 | 2006-04-11 04:24 | LONDON
Yaocho @ Cafe1001
Yaocho @ Cafe1001_b0046388_19123744.jpgYaocho @ Cafe1001_b0046388_1913762.jpg
YAOCHO is monthly a event at Cafe1001. Main is jam session of many kind of artists. This day, there were looks like Friday! So many audiences came here and enjoyed our live. My spatial produce made some impact for people, many people interested in my performance and spatial video projection and spoke it to me. It was very very glad.


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by michiyuki917 | 2006-04-10 19:40 | Event / Live

Tomorrow, I'll perform in a event named 'Yaocho' at Cafe1001 in bricklane. It's a free party and you'll able to watch jam session with many kind of musicians and my visual space! Don't miss it!



Live event @ Cafe1001
■date : Wed. 5. Aplil. 2006
■Artist : DJ Haruka, Mike James (Bace), Steve Hunwick (Sax/Flute/Melodica),
      Dominika Michalowska (Lead Vocals), michi, etc.
■Open : 20:00 - 00:00
■Place : Cafe1001 (Bricklane / Shoreditch, UK)

Please check a last YAOCHO event. Click me!.
by michiyuki917 | 2006-04-04 18:24 | Information
People are moving
Many friends came here from Japan and go back to Japan, it's a natural thing. Of course we'll meet again when I back to Japan, but I can't help feeling lonely.


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by michiyuki917 | 2006-04-04 17:50 | LONDON
I\'MPULSE 6_b0046388_18345891.jpg
I performed at Cargo last Thursday. Before this time, I performed in VJ booth where is on deep side of 1st floor, there were really far from a floor and a stage. But this time I asked for organizers to change my place, and I moved to beside the stage. Almost VJ is performing out of musicians, DJs and audiences. I think it is not good for VJ, because we should perform in front of audience and we need to feel some atmosphere of floors.

Club CARGOでの僕の定期的なイベントになりつつあるI'MPULSEですが、3/30のvol.6でパフォーマンスしてきました。今まで2階の奥の方にあるVJブースでやっていたのですが、どうも遠すぎるし自分の知り合いとも話せないし、存在感が無い。っということで、今回無理を言ってステージ脇に移動させてもらいパフォーマンスしてきました。

I\'MPULSE 6_b0046388_1837563.jpg

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by michiyuki917 | 2006-04-01 19:29 | Event / Live